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Only Cover - Size: 250 100 50 25

Number of records: 338
ArtistTitleTypeLabelVinyl Color
Absidia / MaroonSplit(7-Inch)Crap Chord Recordsred
AchebornTuesday Is Dead(12-Inch)Trans Solar Recordsblack
Aclysselftitled(7-Inch)Per Koro recordsblack
Acmeselftitled(7-Inch)Machination Recordsblack
Acmeselftitled(7-Inch)Machination Recordsclear
AcmeTo Reduce The Choir To One Soloist(12-Inch)Edison Recordsblack
American Tragedyselftitled(7-Inch)Tear It Down Recordsblack
An Acre Lost / Promis No TomorrowSplit(12-Inch)Ohev Recordsblack
AnalenaArhythmetics(7-Inch)Get Off Recordsblack
Analena / Sensual LoveIt´s never Too Late To Split Up(10-Inch)Get Off Records / Interstellar Recordsblack
Anomalieselftitled(12-Inch)Scene Police Recordsblack
Aprilselftitled(7-Inch)Bastardized Records / Scene Police Recordsblack
April / CreutzfeldNever Ender - Split(12-Inch)Bastardized Recordingsblack
ArkangelPrayers Upon Leaf Ears(10-Inch)Lifeforce Recordsblack
As Friends RustDoghouse Fan Series(7-Inch)Doghouse Recordsblue
As Friends Rustselftitled (2x 7")(7-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsblue and green
As Friends RustThe Fists Of Time(10-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsgreen
AshesHiding Place(12-Inch)Network Soundclear
Ashess/t(7-Inch)Network Soundblack
At The Drive-InRelationship Of Command(12-Inch)Grand Royal Recordsblack
At The Drive-InVaya(10-Inch)Fearless Recordswhite
Atlas ShruggedOld Familar Face(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
Atlas ShruggedThe Last Season(12-Inch)Trip Machinegreen
Atlas ShruggedWe Don´t Stand A Chance(7-Inch)Trip Machine Recordsblack
AtreyuThe Curse(12-Inch)Victory Recordsclear
AvailAttempt To Regress(7-Inch)Old Glory Recordsblack
AvailDixie(12-Inch)Lookout Recordsblack
AvailLive At The Kings Head Inn(10-Inch)Old Glory Recordsblack
AvailSatiate(12-Inch)Old Glory Recordsblack
AvailWho´s To Say(7-Inch)Sunspot Recordsyellow
Avail / (Young) PioneersSplit(7-Inch)Lookout Recordsblack
Avail / 1.6 Band / Freak Beans / SpokeDeparture(7-Inch)Community Chest Recordsblack
BatteryOnly The Diehard Remain(12-Inch)Lost & Found Recordspicture
BatteryWe Won´t Fall(12-Inch)Lost & Found Recordspicture
Bobby PeruThe X-File Conspiracy(7-Inch)Strange Fruit Recordspicture
BotchFaction(7-Inch)World Of Hurt Records / Threshold Recordsblack
BotchThe John Birch Conspiracy(7-Inch)Phyte Recordsblue
Botch / Knut / AnandaSplit(10-Inch)Mosh Bart
Botch / NineIronSpitFireSplit(7-Inch)Indecision Recordsblack
Boy Sets FireAfter The Eulogy(12-Inch)Victory Recordsyellow
Boy Sets FireConsider(7-Inch)Initial Recordsblack
Boy Sets FireLive For Today(10-Inch)Equal Vision Recordsblack
Boy Sets FireSuckerpunch Training(7-Inch)Deathwish Recordsblue
Boy Sets Fire / Shai HuludSplit(7-Inch)Undecided Recordsblack
Brand New UnitQuickdraw(7-Inch)Heart First Recordsblack
By The Grace Of God / Brother´s KeeperSplit(7-Inch)I Stand Alone Recordsblack
By The Grace Of God / The CauseSplit(7-Inch)Tear It Down Recordswhite
Cable / Malcom´s LostSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
CalibanA Small Boy And A Grey Heaven(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordsblack/Testpressing white labels
CalibanShadow Hearts(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordsred
CalibanVent(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordswhite
Caliban / Heaven Shall BurnSplit(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordsred
Caliban / Heaven Shall BurnThe split Program II(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordspicture
CandiraDeep In The Mental(7-Inch)Devastating Sound Works Recordsblack
CataractGolem(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordsclear
CataractMartyr´s Melodies(7-Inch)The life-recording companyblack
CataractWith Triumph Comes Loss(12-Inch)Dead Serious Recordsclear
Cave InCreative Eclipse(7-Inch)Hydra Head Recordsblack
Cave InLift Off(7-Inch)Hydra Head Recordsblack
Cave In / ChildrenSplit(7-Inch)Overcome Recordsblack
Chain Of StrengthTrue Til Death(7-Inch)Revelation Recordsblack
ChilmarkDriftwood(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
China WhiteAddiction(12-Inch)Modern Music REcordsblack
CIVCan´t Wait One minute More(7-Inch)Revelation Recordsblack
CoalesceA Safe Place(7-Inch)Second Nature Records / Edison Recordsblack
Coalesces/t(7-Inch)Chapter Records / Soylent Greenblack
Coheed And CambriaIn Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3(12-Inch)Equal Vision Recordsblue/grey marbled
ConvergeUnloved And Weeded Out(12-Inch)Reflections Recordsbrown marbled
ConvergeUnloved And Weeded Out(7-Inch)Deathwish Recordsclear / red / green / yellow
ConvergeYou Fail Me(12-Inch)Deathwish Recordswhite
Converge / CoalesceSplit(7-Inch)Edison Recordings/Life Recordsclear purple
Converge / HellchildDeeper Than Wound - Split(12-Inch)Bastardized Recordingsclear/red sprencled
Corneliusselftitled(7-Inch)Assorted Porkchopsblack
Corneliusselftitled(10-Inch)Assorted Porkchopsblack
CultureBorn Of You(12-Inch)Conquer The Worldbrown
CultureDeforestation(7-Inch)Catalyst Recordsblack
CultureHeteronome(7-Inch)Good Life Recordingsclear
Culture / KindredSplit(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsclear
Culture / KindredSplit(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsyellow Testpress #19/24
Culture / RooseveltSplit(7-Inch)Intention Recordsblack
Dark Day DungeonLet The Sin Begin(7-Inch)Paperstreet Industries Recordsclear
Death By StereoDay Of The Death(12-Inch)Indecision Recordsclear blue
Death By StereoIf Looks Could Kill, I´d Watch You Die(12-Inch)Indecision Recordsorange
Death By StereoNo Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation(7-Inch)Epitaph Recordsgreen
Death By StereoNo Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation(7-Inch)Epitaph Recordsyellow
Death By Stereo / EnsignSplit(7-Inch)Indecision Recordsbrown
DespairAs We Bleed(7-Inch)Initial Recordswhite
DespairKill(7-Inch)Initial Recordsorange
DespairOne Thousand Cries(7-Inch)Treadwater Recordsorange
DisembodiedIf God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead(10-Inch)Ferret Recordspurple
DisembodiedIf God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead(10-Inch)Ferret Recordsblack
DisembodiedThe Confession(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
Disembodied / Brother´s KeeperOxymoron - Split(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsred
Division Of Laura LeeThere´s A First Time For Everything(7-Inch)Dolt Recordsblack
Division Of Laura Lee / ImpelSplit(7-Inch)Carcrash Recordsclear green
Donots / MidtownSplit(7-Inch)Bushido Recordsblue
Earth CrisisFirestorm(7-Inch)Victory Recordsblack
EndpointCircumvent / 26 Seconds(7-Inch)Doghouse Recordsclear
Endpoint / SunspringSplit(7-Inch)Slamdek Recordsblack
Enemy Of The SunEclipse(7-Inch)Malicious Men Recordsblack
Eyelid...days infected(7-Inch)Ammunition Recordsred
EyelidConflict´s Invitation(7-Inch)Indecision Recordsblack
EyelidIf It Kills(12-Inch)Indecision Recordsred
Face DownRevival(7-Inch)Sounds Of Revolution Recordsblack
FacedownBeyond All Horizons(12-Inch)Genet Recordspurple
FacedownBeyond All Horizons(12-Inch)Genet Recordsgreen
FacedownFriendship Is Everything(7-Inch)Evil Twin Recordsclear
FacedownFriendship Is Still Everything(7-Inch)Genet Recordsblue
Facedown / EarthmoverSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
Facedown / EarthmoverSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsgreen
Faith No MoreWe Care A Lot(7-Inch)Slash Recordsblack
Fall Silent1997(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblue
Fall Silent1997(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
Fall SilentLife: Beautiful, But Heartless(7-Inch)625 Productions Recordsgreen
Fall SilentNever Forget...(7-Inch)white
Fall Silent / WellingtonSplit(7-Inch)Fetus Recordsblack
For The Love OfIn Consequence(10-Inch)Impression Recordsgreen
Forever Is Forgotten / Die AloneSplit(7-Inch)Volatile PRoductionsblack
Former Members Of Alfonsin / Project HateSplit(12-Inch)Phyte Recordsblack
Former Members Of Alfonsin / SawpitSplit(7-Inch)Dim Mak Recordsblack
Four Hundred YearsThe New Imperialism(10-Inch)Day After Recordsblack
Four Hundred Years / Seein RedSplit(7-Inch)The Smith and Nephew Companyred
From Ashes RiseLife and Death(7-Inch)Partners in Crime Recordsblack
From Ashes RiseNightmares(12-Inch)Jade Tree Recordsred
FugaziFurniture(7-Inch)Dischord Recordsclear
Functionselftitled(7-Inch)Crisis Recordsblack
Gameface / Errortype: 11What´s Up Bro? - Split(10-Inch)Revelation Recordsblack
Good Clean Fun / ThrowdownXmas Split(7-Inch)Prime Directive Recordsgreen
Good Witch Of The SouthNuclear(12-Inch)Swell Creek Recordswhite
GradeAnd Such Is Progress(12-Inch)Second Nature Recordsblack
GradeHeadfirst Straight To Hell(12-Inch)Victory Recordspicture
GradeSeparate The Magnets(10-Inch)Second Nature Recordingsblack
GradeTriumph & Tragedy(7-Inch)Victory Recordsblue
GradeTriumph & Tragedy(7-Inch)Victory Recordsyellow
GradeUnder The Radar(12-Inch)Victory Recordsred
Grade / IncisionSplit(12-Inch)Workshopblack
HarvestOne Step Closer(7-Inch)Trustkill Recordsblack
Hatebreed / IntegritySplit(7-Inch)Stillborn Recordsgreen
Heartside / Costa´s Cake HouseSplit(7-Inch)Get Up And Go Recordsblack
Heaven Shall BurnAntigone(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordsblue
Heaven Shall BurnWhatever It May Take(12-Inch)Lifeforce Recordsblue
Heaven Shall Burn / Fall Of SerenitySplit(12-Inch)Deeds Of Revolution Recordsblack
HelmetUnsung(7-Inch)Amphetamine Reptile Recordswhite
Hot Water MusicAlachua(7-Inch)No Idea Recordsblack
Hot Water MusicLive At The Hardback(12-Inch)No Idea Recordsblack
Hot Water MusicMoments Pass(7-Inch)No Idea Recordsblack
Hot Water MusicWhere We Belong(7-Inch)No Idea Recordsgrey / green marbled 5th pressing
Hot Water Music / Casket LotterySplit(7-Inch)Second Nature Recordswhite
Hot Water Music / Casket LotterySplit(7-Inch)Second Nature Recordsgrey
Hot Water Music / ClairmelSplit(8-Inch)No Idea Recordsbrown
Hot Water Music / RydellSplit(7-Inch)Scene Police Recordsblack
Hot Water Music / TomorrowSplit(11-Inch)No Idea Recordsred/black
IgniteScarred For Life(12-Inch)Lost & Found Recordspicture
IgniteSea Shepherd Conservation Society (Live)(10-Inch)Vacation House Recordspicture
IgniteWhere They Talk(7-Inch)Ringside Recordsblack
ImpelWrithe In Pain(7-Inch)Ammunition Recordspurple
In My EyesThe Difference Between(12-Inch)Revelation Recordsblack
InaneZeitraffer(12-Inch)Alveran Recordsblue
IndecisionMost Precious Blood(12-Inch)Exit Recordspicture
Inside Out / Youth Of TodayBenefit Split(7-Inch)bootlegblack
IntensityBought And Sold(10-Inch)Genet Recordsblack
IntensityWash Off The Lies(10-Inch)Putrid Filth Conspiracyblack
Jane / NyariSplit(10-Inch)Alveran Recordspicture
Jello BiafraDie For Oil, Sucker(7-Inch)Alternative Tentacles Recordsblack
Jimmy Eat WorldBleed American(12-Inch)Dreamworks Recordsblack
Johnny Angelselftitled(10-Inch)SNC-Empireblack
JR EwingThe Perfect Drama(10-Inch)Coalition Recordsblack
JR. Ewing / This Machine KillsSplit(7-Inch)Bachelor Recordsblack
Kassiopeiaselftitled(7-Inch)Love Recordsblack
Kassiopeia / Nothing Left To GraspSplit(7-Inch)Outlet Recordsblack
Kill Holiday / DempseySplit(7-Inch)Indecision Recordsblack
Kill The MessengerAll The Angels Crash And Burn(10-Inch)Indecision Recordsblack
Knives and Greenwater / Suicide NoteSplit(7-Inch)One Day Savior Recordsblack
KrakatoaCouds Burned By Sunshine(7-Inch)Second Nature Recordingsclear
Leiah / HebrianaSplit(7-Inch)Genet Recordsblack
LockjawVol. 2(7-Inch)Valve Recordslight green
Loxiranselftitled(10-Inch)Per Koro Recordsblack
Loxiranselftitled(7-Inch)Per Koro Recordsblack
Malcom´s LostSustain(7-Inch)Shadow Recordsred
Malcom´s LostSustain(7-Inch)Shadow Recordsred
Man Vs. Humanity / Bury Me StandingSplit(7-Inch)Per Koro Recordsblack
Max Rebo KidsSome Moments Are Better Than Lifetimes(7-Inch)Blockbust Recordsblack
Minionselftitled(7-Inch)Paracelsius Recordsblack
Minor ThreatDemos 1981(7-Inch)(bootleg)black
Morning AgainHand Of Hope(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsblue
Morning AgainHand Of Hope(7-Inch)Intention Recordsclear
Morning AgainMartyr(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsbrown
Morning AgainMartyr(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsgreen
Morning AgainMarytr(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsclear
Morning AgainMy Statement Of Life In A Dying World(7-Inch)Immigrant Sun Recordsgreen
Morning AgainMy Statement Of Life In A Dying World(7-Inch)Immigrant Sun Recordsclear
Morning AgainThe Cleanest War(12-Inch)Conquer The Worldblack
Morning AgainThe Cleanest War(12-Inch)Conquer The World Recordsblue
Morning AgainTo Die A Bitter Death(7-Inch)Immigrant Sun Recordsblue
Morning Again / 25 Ta LifeSplit(7-Inch)Good Life Recordingsblue
Morning Again / 25 Ta LifeSplit(7-Inch)Good Life Recordingsclear
Morning Again / ShoulderSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
Morning Again / ShoulderSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsred
Most Precious BloodOur Lady of Annihilation(12-Inch)Deathwish Recordswhite
MotiveA Doctrine Of Scripted Torture(7-Inch)Exit Recordsblack
MotiveA Doctrine Of Scripted Torture(7-Inch)Exit Recordsblack
MotiveA Doctrine Of Scripted Torture(7-Inch)Exit Recordsred
Mouthpieceselftitled(7-Inch)New Age Recordsblack
Muff PotterBordsteinkantengeschichten(12-Inch)Huck´s Plattenkiste Recordsblack
Muff PotterSchrei, Wenn Du Brennst(12-Inch)Huck´s Plattenkiste Recordsblack
Muff Potterselftitled(12-Inch)Huck´s Plattenkiste Records / Per Koro Recordsblack
New Day RisingLive(12-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
New Day Risingselftitled(7-Inch)Upheaval Recordsblack
New Day Rising / Atlas ShruggedSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
New Day Rising / DespairSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
NJ BloodlineSongs To Bleed To(7-Inch)Thornz Recordsred
NJ Bloodline / One 4 OneSplit(7-Inch)Spill the Blood Recordsblack
No Reasonselftitled(7-Inch)Immigrant Sun Recordsblack
Nothing Left To GraspThe Monotonous Beat Of Nothing New(7-Inch)Emotion X Recordsblack
One Day CloserUnconquered(7-Inch)Coalition Recordsred
One King DownGod Loves, Man Kills(12-Inch)Equal Vision Recordswhite
One King DownGravity Wins Again(7-Inch)Equal Vision Recordsred
One King Down / Brother´s KeeperSplit(7-Inch)Devils Head Recordsblack
One King Down / Spirit Of YouthSplit(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsclear
One Man And His DroidBetter Than Dying(7-Inch)Remaining Thoughts Recordsblack
PeNdiKelAeroflot(10-Inch)bluNoise Recordspicture
PeNdiKel / ULMePubertäterä / Veiculo Longo - Split(10-Inch)bluNoise Recordsblue
PezzWarmth And Sincerity(12-Inch)Byo Recordsblack
Phonetics / Flying WindmillTwo Bands Saved By Plastic(12-Inch)Proosh Recordsblack
Planes Mistaken For StarsFucking Fight(7-Inch)Dim Mak Recordsblack
Planes Mistaken For StarsSpearheading the Sin Movement(7-Inch)No Idea Recordsgrey marbled
Planes Mistaken For StarsSpearheading the Sin Movement(7-Inch)No Idea Recordsblack
PlanesmistakenforstarsFuck With Fire(12-Inch)No Idea Recordsblue
Poison The WellDistance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder(10-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsblue
Poison The WellDistance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder(10-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsblack
Poison The WellGhostchant(10-Inch)Atlantic Recordsred
Poison The WellTear from The Red(12-Inch)Trustkill Recordsclear
Poison The WellTear From The Red (Limited Edition)(7-Inch)Trustkill Recordsred
Poison The WellTear From The Red (Limited Edition)(7-Inch)Trustkill Recordsorange
Poison The WellThe Opposite Of December(12-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsblue
Poison The WellYou come Before You(12-Inch)Trustkill Recordsgreen
Pole*Sky Conquerors Are Falling...(12-Inch)Pateline Recordsblack
Pole* / StrokeSplit(7-Inch)Pateline Recordsblack
QuicksandDivorce/Voice Killer - Promo(7-Inch)Island Recordsblack
RefusedEverlasting(12-Inch)Equal Vision Recordsbrown
Rise AnewBreathless(7-Inch)Bastardized Recordingsblack
Ryker´sBrother Against Brother(12-Inch)Lost & Found Recordspicture
Ryker´sCold/Lost/Sick(7-Inch)Wea Recordsblue
Ryker´sLowlife(7-Inch)WEA Recordsgreen
SamiamDon´t Break Me(10-Inch)New Red Archiveswhite
SamiamI Am(7-Inch)Lookout Recordsblack
SamiamI Am(7-Inch)Lookout Recordsred
Samiam / SixpackSplit(7-Inch)Pandemonium Recordsblack
Sarinselftitled(7-Inch)Immigrant Sun Recordsblack
Saves The DayCan´t Slow Down(12-Inch)Equal Vision Recordsblack
SereneInward Flowering(12-Inch)Genet Recordsblue
Serene / SeparationSplit(7-Inch)Genet Recordsblack
Seven Years WarJohn Brown(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
SeventyEightDaysRevolution Through Anonymity(7-Inch)Trustkill Recordslight blue
ShelterThe Power Of Positive Thinking (Live)(10-Inch)Vacation House Recordspicture
ShutdownFew And Far Between(12-Inch)Victory Recordswhite
Sick Of It AllLive In A World Full Of Hate(12-Inch)Lost & Found Recordspicture
Sick Of It AllScratch The Surface(7-Inch)Atlantic Recordings / WEA Recordsred
SirenBecoming Wheels(12-Inch)Day After Recordsbrown
SirenThe Struggle Goes On(7-Inch)Reflections Recordsblack
Sky Falls Down / Parades EndSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
Skycamefalling...To Forever Embrace The Sun(10-Inch)Goodlife Recordingsblack
SnapcaseComatose(7-Inch)Victory Recordsred
SnapcaseDesigns For Automotion(12-Inch)Victory Recordsblue
SnapcaseProgression Through Unlearning(12-Inch)Victory Recordslight blue
SnapcaseSteps(7-Inch)Victory Recordsred
Snapcase Vs. Boy Sets FireSplit(7-Inch)Equal Vision Recordsgreen / black
SolaceForms Burning Cold(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsblack
Somaselftitled(7-Inch)DIY (?)black / black
Soma / Mehr WutSplit(7-Inch)Industriefeind Recordsblack
Sons Of AbrahamTermites In His Smile(12-Inch)Exit Recordsblack
SpermbirdsGet On The Stage(7-Inch)We Bite Recordsblack
SpermbirdsNothing Is Easy(12-Inch)We Bite Recordsblack
Spermbirds / Party DiktatorSplit(7-Inch)Musical Tragedies Recordswhite
SportswearBuilding, Dwelling, Thinking(12-Inch)Supersoul / Goodlifeblack
Stalemateselftitled(7-Inch)Alveran Recordsblack
Standstill / EngraveSplit(7-Inch)Defiance Recordsblack
Stretch Arm StrongRituals Of Life(12-Inch)Ferret Records / Solid State Recordsorange
Strike AnywhereUnderground Europe 2001(7-Inch)Scene Police Recordsblack
Super Hi-Five09.21.99(10-Inch)Gate To Hell Records / Ass-Card Recordsblack
Swing KidsDiscography(12-Inch)Three One G Recordspicture
Swing Kidsselftitled(7-Inch)Three One G Recordsblack
Taking Back SundayDecade Under The Influence(7-Inch)Victory Recordsblue
Taking Back SundayDecade Under The Influence(7-Inch)Victory Recordsgreen
Tearwaterselftitled(7-Inch)Chapter Recordsblack
Tearwaterselftitled(7-Inch)Chapter Recordsclear
Tearwaterselftitled(7-Inch)Chapter Recordsblack
Texas Is The Reasonselftitled(7-Inch)Revelation Recordsblack
The Babies ThreeA Hole Where My Heart Should Be(12-Inch)Scene Policeblack
The Cable Car Theoryselftitled(7-Inch)Immigrant Sun Recordsblak
The Cable Car TheoryWhispers In The Wind(12-Inch)Rockemotions Recordsblack
The Get Up KidsRed Letter Day(10-Inch)Doghouse Recordsblack
The Get Up KidsWoodson(7-Inch)Doghouse Recordsblack
The Get Up Kids / Coalescesplit(7-Inch)Second Nature Recordsblack
The Hope ConspiracyFile:03(7-Inch)Bridge 9 Recordsblack
The Hope Conspiracy / Suicide FileSplit(7-Inch)Deathwish Recordsred
The Suppression SwingJust A Word(7-Inch)New Age Recordsblack
ThenceforwardFrom Within(7-Inch)Phyte Recordsblack
ThenceforwardWinner(7-Inch)Phyte Recordsblack
This Day ForwardTransient Affects Of Light On Water(7-Inch)War Machine Recordsblue, green, orange
ThrowdownBeyond Repair(12-Inch)Indecision Recordsblack
ThrowdownDrive Me Dead(7-Inch)Indecision Recordsblack
Throwdownselftitled(7-Inch)Prime Directive Recordswhite
Thursday / ThriceSplit(7-Inch)Island Recordsclear
Tidalselftitled(10-Inch)Incendiary Recordsblack
TimebombHymns For A Decaying Empire(12-Inch)SOA Recordsblack
TimebombThe Full Wrath Of The Slave(12-Inch)Genet Recordsblack
To Die For / EngraveAll The Passion To Keep You Moving - Split(10-Inch)Defiance Recordswhite
To See You BrokenA Thief, a Poet, an Enemy(7-Inch)Excursion Recordsblack
Trialselftitled(10-Inch)Jawk / From The Groundblack
Tumultselftitled(12-Inch)Per Koro Recordsblack
TupamarosBeyond The Bias(10-Inch)Scene Policeclear
Tupamarosselftitled(7-Inch)Leary Recordsblack
UnderoathThey Are Only Chasing Safety(12-Inch)Solid State Recordsclear
Undertow / StruggleSplit(7-Inch)Bloodlink Recordsblack
UnearthEndless(7-Inch)Confined Recordsred
UnearthThe Oncoming Storm(12-Inch)Beniihana Recordspurple
Until The EndLet The World Burn(7-Inch)Think Fast Recordsblack
Until The Endselftitled(7-Inch)Equal Vision Recordsblack
Until TodayLies Of Our Time(7-Inch)SOA Recordsblack
V.A.Limited Options...(10-Inch)Half-Mast Recordsblack
V.A.No Borders, A Collection of Japanese & American Hardcore(12-Inch)Suburban Home / Red Iblack
V.A.The California Takeover - Live(12-Inch)Victory Recordspicture
V.A.The Seed Of The Next Season(12-Inch)Per Koro / Alveranblack
VAA Reason For Living(7-Inch)New Direction Recordsblack
Veilselftitled(7-Inch)Threesome Recordsblack
VeilTime Will Tell ...(7-Inch)Threesome Recordspink
Veil / Drowning RoomSplit(7-Inch)Moo Cow Recordsyellow
Walls Of JerichoA Day And A Thousand Years(7-Inch)Underestimated Recordsblack
Walls Of JerichoThe Bound Feed The Gagged(12-Inch)Genet RecordsOrange-red
WaterdownNever Kill The Boy On The First Date(12-Inch)Victory Recordswhite
Waterdown / By A ThreadSplit(7-Inch)Two Friends Recordingsblue
Waterdown / By A ThreadSplit(7-Inch)Two Friends Recordingsblack
Watership Downselftitled(7-Inch)Immigrant Sun Recordsblack
What Feeds The FireSet Me Free(7-Inch)Anchor Recordsblack
Whirlpoolselftitled(12-Inch)Revelation Recordsgreen
XCanaanX / Thirty Seconds Until ArmageddonSplit(7-Inch)Ignition Recordsblack
Youth Of TodayLive at CBGB´s(7-Inch)Reality Recordsblack

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